CONCEPT | 2009

RideCPH is a bike-sharing concept for the city of Copenhagen that aims to combine a fast service for locals and commuters, and a guidance service for tourists. As riding a bike is part of the local culture, the system allows people to discover the city in the most natural way through a better experience, contributing to a better impression of the city.

The user can select a route at a kiosk, and this is transfered to a small device in the bike. The device will guide the user on their journey through the selected points, aiding orientation and integration into the flow of cyclists. The device, equipped with GPS, has a simple interface based on LED's, offering easy reading and a low consumption of energy.

The prototype shows the interaction at the kiosk touch-point. Frequent users just wave the membership card over the reader and take the indicated bike. Initial or one-time users use their credit card as the ID for the system.