I'm a designer and artist from Barcelona, currently living in New York. My work revolves around the relationship between people and technology.

As a designer, I specialize in envisioning and prototyping new products and experiences that help people be more creative, connected and aware. I often work with emerging technologies - I strive to make them feel more human.

I currently work at Google, developing AI-based products to improve education at scale. Previously I worked at an incubation team at Microsoft, inventing and prototyping new interfaces, products and platforms in the areas of Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

I'm also visiting faculty and thesis advisor at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Through art I investigate the aesthetics of nature, physics and computation. I find beauty in complex systems that are driven by simple principles.



Google Creative Lab, Fiftythree, B-Reel, Intel, CIID, Tellart, BenQ, Toyota, Lego, Novo-Nordisk, Maersk, Nestlé, Orange, Hewlett-Packard.


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Interaction Awards 2012, Winner, Category Expressing: Pas a Pas, 2012

Interaction Awards 2012, Best Student: Pas a Pas, 2012

CIID Final Project, Honours recognition: Pas a Pas, 2010

Core77 Design Awards, Winner, Category Speculative Design: Window to the World, 2012.

UPC Mechanical Engineering Final Project, Best Mechatronics Project, Barcelona, 2006


Electronic Literature Organization, Porto, 2017

Story of Light, Goa (India), 2015

Biennale Internationale Design, Saint-Étienne (France), 2015

Wired Store NYC, New York, 2014

SFPC: The first class. Eyebeam, New York, 2013

Museum London, London (Ontario), 2013

Screamstation Fest, London, 2012

The Future of the Making, Milan, 2012

Get Set Festival, Porto, 2011

AlphaVille, London, 2011

BYOB, Copenhagen, 2011

FêteAnim, Lille, 2011

Lift10, Genève, 2010

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, 2010

Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen, 2010

Kulturhavn, Copenhagen, 2010

ThoughtMade, Malmö (Sweden), 2010

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