±Pole is an interactive installation presenting a tangible interface which allows multiple users to play with groups of particles and polarised elements. By placing wood blocks on the table, users have control over the digital elements on a projected surface. The aim of this project was to create and intuitive way of controlling a complex system in real-time, allowing experimentation with the interactive elements while creating appealing visuals.

There are three types of elements controlled by blocks of three different types of wood; a generator that shoots the particles at a certain frequency, while attractors and deflectors create the force-fields that affect the trajectories of the particles. Moving the blocks over the table affects it's position in real-time on the projection. Rotating the generator changes the direction of the particle flow, while the angle in the deflectors and attractors varies the power of the force-field induced by each pole.

Apart from the interaction with the tangible interface, the vertical projection helps users to play with the particles, using the body as a surface to capture them or let them flow through.

±Pole was exhibited at ThoughtMade in Malmö (Sweden) and Kulturhavn in Copenhagen (Denmark).

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