BOOKS | 2016

Searches is a series of 6 books containing my Google search entries from 2010 to 2015.

On November 12th 2015, Google suggested I do a privacy checkup. I decided to take a look at my traces on Google products. I reviewed visited websites (from Chrome), visited locations (from Maps), and I discovered that I could also retrieve all my past searches, since 2010. I downloaded the file containing the searches, and as I started reviewing it, I realized I've been writing my own diary without being aware of it.

Search entries, as opposed to visited websites, are very close to my train of thought, and my feelings too. It's a direct output from my brain speaking to the internet. My curiosity, my anxieties, and my dreams. There is research, trips I've planned, searches about people I'm interested in, or companies I'd like to work for. There are searches about health concerns or about my finances. There are searches that I'm ashamed of, and others that make me proud because of where they lead. I've enjoyed reading these books.

(The books are not for sale. I think. Maybe. How much?)

You can create your own Searches book by following these instructions.